A Safe Place to Gather

Welcome my friend. We're glad you are here.
This is A Safe Place to Gather.

We're not a secret, it is just hard for most people to find us. Unlike you, they are afraid to venture out and live life on the other side of fear! Your courage is exemplary.  And did you know it is contagious too! Well, it is, and we want you to start hanging around others so that they can experience your awesomeness!

We're not participating in social distancing, instead, we're drawing  closer together because we need each other to survive. 

We are committed to Enhancing the Quality of Your Life by helping you

See the Invisible (A Vision Transplant), 

Experience the Intangible (A Confidence Transplant) and

Achieve the Impossible (A Courage Transplant)

Psst... It's not to late to start or start over.  Matter of fact, we are here to encourage you to start now!!!

We are so excited about the journey we will experience together in the upcoming ICU Gathering. Aren't you!
 Let the healing begin.

In the meantime, complete the registration information, hit subscribe, and  be sure and follow JTSAANS on IG @JTSAANS and the Visionary of JT SAANS, RJ Jackson on IG and all social media platforms at TheCourageGiver

You will hear back from us within 24 with details for admission.  Like all the hospitals around the world, we have limited rooms so be sure to complete and subscribe today. 

Keep an eye on your inbox for important messages exclusively for you. Remember to check your spam. 

Until soon... Stay Encouraged. Stay Connected.

RJ Jackson and the JT SAANS Dream Team
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